Prof. Daniel Weihs

        Distinguished Professor Daniel Weihs (PhD Technion, 1971) is Head of Technion's Autonomous Systems and Robotics Program. At Technion, he was previously Provost, Dean of Aerospace Engineering ,Dean of the Graduate School and Head of the Neaman Institute for Advanced Studies. 

He is a Member of the Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Foreign Member of the US National Academy of Engineering,and  Fellow, American Physical Society. He received an Honorary Doctorate from Ben Gurion University, was 2015 Awardee of Israel  MOD Creative Thinking Prize, and the 2016 International Society of Bionic Engineering-Outstanding Contribution Award.

        He is presently the Chairman of the Israel Interuniversity Marine Science Institute and Advisory Board member of the Global Drucker Management Forum.

He has consulted for governmental agencies in Israel, the US, Great Britain and Canada, as well as for companies including Atlas Copco, IBM, COMAC, Hyundai  etc.

He was Chief Scientist of the Israel Ministry of Science & Technology, Member of the Israel National Committee for Research & Development and Chairman of the Israel National Committee for Space Research.  on the board of Israel Aerospace Industries, Bet Shemesh Engines and the Israel Space Agency.

His fields of research include Robotics, Aerodynamics, Bioengineering, Space Research and Policy Research. He developed the first operational unmaaned aerial vehicles.  He has published over 170 papers, two books.

        given over 130 invited lectures, and has several patents, and one Postage stamp.