Changchun Jingyuetan


Jingyuetan, the national AAAAA level scenic spots, national scenic spots, national forest parks, national civilized landscape scenic spots demonstration sites, national water conservancy scenic spots, national fitness outdoor activities base. Jingyuetan Scenic Area is located in the Changchun Jingyue Economic Development Zone in the southeast of Changchun City, Jilin Province. It is only 18 kilometers away from the People's Square in the city center. The area of the scenic spot is 96.38 square kilometers, of which the water area is 5.3 square kilometers and the forest coverage rate is over 96%. Jingyuetan is named after the shape of a crescent moon and is a sister lake with Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan. Jingyuetan was the first water supply source built in 1934 for the urban area of Changchun City. It was called "water source area" or "water storage tank" during the collapse period. The name of Jingyuetan was initiated by Zheng Zheng, the "second son of Zheng Xiaoqian, Minister of Prime Minister of Manchukuo, who was then the director of the Construction Bureau of Manchukuo and State Capital." The forest in the scenic spot is artificially constructed, contains a complete forest ecosystem of 30 tree species, and is endowed with unique geographical advantages, making it a "pure land in the vast city," and "the largest artificial forest in Asia" and "the Pearl of the Green Sea". The reputation of “Urban Oxygen Bar” is the ecological green core and city business card of Changchun City.


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